Located in North East Mesa:


~10min from the Lower Salt River

~25 min from Saguaro Lake

Welcome to Desert Paddleboards in sunny Mesa, Arizona! 


Classes  starting in May!

Paddleboard yoga classes in Mesa and Chandler. Private classes available at your location!

The most affordable paddleboard rentals available in NE Mesa!  

SUPs (Stand-up Paddleboards) occupy the happy medium between surfboards and kayaks. The user stands atop a 10-12 foot board and rides the waves like a surfer. The difference is you maneuver the board by using a paddle. You can't brave the waves in Arizona. Paddleboarding is the next best thing! Whether you want to float the river, get a good workout, or just enjoy the scenery, you’re sure to have fun with an SUP rental. We have a few suggestions to help you make the most of your stand up paddleboard:

Float the river: From May to September the Salt River is usually high enough to float down.  Ride mild rapids, either standing or sitting, for a little adventure.  You'll have  chance to catch wildlife like horses, cows, otters and turtles! The Salt River in known to be one of the best places for bird watching in Arizona, Arizona is known as one of the best places in the USA!   Paddle boards make it easy to experience the Salt River with the ability to paddle much faster than on a tube! 
A refreshing workout: Since SUPs combine balancing skills with upper-arm strength, they make the perfect tools for a cardio workout. Paddling an SUP exercises every part of the body—the core, back, arms, and legs—without being harsh on muscles and bones.  We suggest paddling upstream from Granite Reef recreation area, you'll be able to paddle up one and a half miles and then float back down. 
A day in the sun with the kids: Paddle boarding is simple enough that even children can learn it. Saguaro and Canyon Lake have great beaches for families to rent a few SUPs for hours of family fun. The excursion just might be the highlight of your trip.
Enjoy beautiful scenery: When you go on one of our SUP outings, you’ll be treated to some of the most beautiful areas in Southern Arizona. Full moon paddleboarding on the Salt River with glow-sticks and banjo music.  Witches Regatta where we dress up as a coven of flying witches. Plogging and paddleboarding is a great way to give back to the community and experience Arizona and Ecotourism.  If you’re lucky, you’ll even see the beautiful sunset – there’s nothing quite like standing on the water as the sun slowly sinks beneath the desert.

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