Q: Where are you located?

A: We are  mostly a mobile business located in North East Mesa near Higley and Mckellips.  When picking up rentals exact directions will be sent to you when you book. 

Q: What if I’ve never done yoga before? Can I still take the class?
A: Yes, it is still possible for you to take the class!  Its takes about three classes to get the hang of it though so keep coming back!

Q: What if I’ve never been on a Stand Up Paddleboard?
A: Still come! The first few minutes of class provide you with thorough paddleboard  instruction and basic yoga positions. This gives you the chance to get comfortable on your board before the class begins.

Q: What should I wear?
A: We recommend lightweight Yoga attire.  Particularly shorts or cropped pants.  In the Summer, some people chose to wear a swimsuit and that’s fine too!  Wear what you feel comfortable in. 

Q: Should I bring anything?
A: All the equipment needed for class is provided. However, it doesn’t hurt to bring a towel and perhaps a change of clothes just in case. Whether you fall in or not, your clothes will get a little damp either way.

Q: Is the  water really cold? And do people fall in?
A: It just depends on the time of year. During the Summer, the water gets very warm but during the Fall and Winter it will of course get cooler, the pool will be heated to 82 degrees.  The good news is, you will be spending little to no time in the water. When class begins, you will walk out about knee deep, then you will hop on your board and go. As far as falling in goes, it happens a lot less than you think-sometimes no one falls in at all. But if you do, just hop back on your board and let the sun do it’s job to warm you up. Splashing occasionally is all part of the fun, it teaches us to let go and not take ourselves too seriously. 

Q: Are private lessons available?

A:Yes! Call to schedule a introductory lesson.

Q: I am overweight and out of shape, can I still paddleboard?

A: We recommend starting with a pool class if you are unsure about your fitness level.  You need to be able to get back on a board if you fall in, which might be intimidating at the lake or river.  We have boards that can hold 300 lbs. (please let us know if you'd like one of these boards when you book). You can always sit on a board and paddle like a kayak!

Q: Can you deliver boards to the lake or river?
A: Due to Tonto National Forest regulations we are unable to transport the boards for you. If you have a truck you can fit 12 boards in the back! They are also easily strapped to any type of vehicle.  We are located just 10 min from the lower Salt River and 25 min from Saguaro Lake. Sometimes there are teenagers willing to drop the boards off for you. $30 for Granite reef. $50 for Saguaro Lake. Text to check availability. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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