Where to go paddleboarding? 

Granite Reef is just 10 min from the shop. Take Power Road 2 miles north of Thomas and enter the Granite Reef parking lot.  You can paddle around the river basin and upstream about two miles.  You only need ONE vehicle to do this route.   It takes from 1-2.5 hours. 



​We have over 30 boards to fit all levels and sizes!


HALF DAY $15 M-Th  $20 Fri-Sun

FULL DAY $20 M-Th $30 Fri-Sun

​HOLIDAY -Same as Weekend

Full day and overnight rentals available 

Lakes- If you continue along Bush Hwy past the river you will get to Saguaro Lake. You may paddle around the marina but its very busy on the weekends with boats.  If you go past the main entrance to Butcher Jones there is a nice beach and cove to paddle in. 

Canyon Lake is more rural and less busy- There are several coves you can paddle in. There is a  recreation area with grass and BBQs for $25 a day.

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