Paddleboard Mats 

Light weight inflatable paddleboard mats are more stable than traditional paddleboards, making them suitable for participants up to 400 pounds. They fit convenietly between lane lines in pools, making them easy platforms for innovative fitness classes, including physical therapy, bootcamp type workouts and yoga and pilates.

Single Mat=$475

Package of 5=$2,325

Package of 10=$4,450

Call or email for details on purchase- 480.201.9520




Paddleboards for sale!

11 foot boards specifically designed for Desert Paddleboards clientele.

Gear anchor on the front, 3 fins for stability, lightweight epoxy board just 20lbs

Special Introductory Price- $800  

Carbon Fiber Paddle- $125

​ 2 Bamboo paddleboards available

Inflatable 11ft Stand up Paddleboards with unique deigns and ability to hold 310lb. Drop stitch construction and thicker material than standard inflatable boards.

We do not currently have any used boards for sale. 


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