Lois Stogdill grew up in Tahiti, has worked in the tourism industry for 20+ years, fluent in 5 languages!
Sarah Williams- Naturalist, Yogi and avid traveler

Next trip May 2020. We'll start taking deposits in October of 2019

Tahitian Adventure

7 day adventure of a lifetime! Explore the  natural landscapes of the Pacific, black and white sand beaches, luscious rainforests, natural waterfalls.  You'll enjoy eco friendly activities like restoring the Coral Reefs by planting coral, visit a sea turtle sanctuary, clean the beaches with a  Plogging workout and dive in the largest shark sanctuary in the world! Spend a night like Robinson Crusoe on a deserted island fishing and cooking your dinner, building a shelter and embracing the simple island life. Enjoy the clear waters of Mo'orea swimming with stingrays and reef sharks. Ride a scooter to a pineapple farm, indulge in cuisine from French, Chinese and Polynesian influences. Morning yoga and hikes throughout the trip. Space is limited to 15 travelers.


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